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Poster Presentations of Healing Touch with Veterans

These three posters about Healing Touch with veterans have been presented at Healing Touch Program conferences and are available to download. Click on the poster to download it.


Seeding Healing Touch in VISN 12

a1sx2_Thumbnail1_visn12_poster.jpgOverview: The VA Great Lakes Health Care System (VISN 12), a group of seven VA medical centers and over thirty VA clinics, is dedicated to providing a comprehensive health care package to America’s veterans.  VA Great Lakes serves veterans who reside in northwestern Indiana, northern Illinois, Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Three medical centers in VISN 12 have been actively seeding Healing Touch (HT): Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital and Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center. In 2011 the first Healing Touch classes were taught at Hines VA Hospital and three Hines employees have completed Level 4 and are working on Level 5. As of 2014 17 HT classes have been taught at Hines, 5 HT classes have been taught at Zablocki and 12 at Jesse Brown. Students who have taken these classes are actively offering Healing Touch to Veterans through pain clinics, fairs, Stand Downs and in a variety of other ways.

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The Process of Implementing a Healing Touch Referral into the Electronic Admissions Database of a Pediatric Hospital

This poster was presented at the 2014 Healing Touch Program Worldwide Conference in Chicago, IL. Created by Walle Adams-Gerdts, RN, BA, HTCP/I and Paula Kanter Goldman, RN, BSN, HTP, it documents the referral process used at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hosptial for Children, Wilmington, DE.


Comprehensive Guide for Integrating Healing Touch in the Clinical Setting

The Healing Touch Integrative Care Program: Integrating Healing Touch in the Clinical Setting manual provides the structure for implementing Healing Touch that includes useful tools to assist with each step in the process.

Co-authored by Dr. Lourdes Lorenz, DHA-abd, MSN-IH, RN, AHN-BC, NEA-BC, and Healing Touch Program, this comprehensive guide provides structure, process and digital tools for implementing an integrative care program in your facility.

The complete package includes:

  • Manual: 350 pages
  • USB flash drive with 100 digital tools that can be customized (.docx, .pptx, .xlsx files)
  • Healing Touch Scope and Standards of Practice booklet
  • Brochures: Practitioner Brochure, Healing Touch Program Brochure, Introduction Booklet - What is Healing Touch?

Download the datasheet for more information. HTICP Manual DataSheet.pdf

The manual is available on the Healing Touch Store website at


Healthcare Facilities Using Healing Touch

Healing Touch is used in hospitals, VA medical centers, hospices and in other healthcare settings. This document lists of some of the healthcare facilities that use Healing Touch, and also facilities that have trained nurses in Healing Touch.

Facilities Using Healing Touch