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Healing Touch Support - About HTICP

Healing Touch Support Organizations and Resources
The following organizations provide guidance, support and resources to Healing Touch students, practitioners and instructors.

Healing Touch Certification

  • Administers Healing Touch board certification exam
  • Sets certification requirements
  • Approves Healing Touch practitioner and instructor certifications

Healing Touch Professional Association

  • Professional membership organization providing support, education and networking for energy medicine students and practitioners

Healing Touch Worldwide Foundation

  • Funds Healing Touch research
  • Supports service and outreach programs which promote Healing Touch worldwide through humanitarian efforts and events
  • Brings Healing Touch education to individuals internationally

Healing Touch Ethics Committee

  • Oversees the Healing Touch Program Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice
  • A proactive resource supporting and promoting the ethical conduct and decisions of Healing Touch Program classes, professionals, administrators, employees and clients

Healing Touch Curriculum Committee

  • Lead by the Education Director, this committee provides ongoing review and updating of the five core Healing Touch courses

Healing Touch Research Advisory Council

  • A resource for information about energy medicine research with particular emphasis on Healing Touch
  • Provides guidance in the development of Healing Touch research


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