Consultation Services - HTICP - Healing Touch Integrative Care Program

Consultation Services - ICP Services

Partnering with you is at the heart of our integrative care consulting services. We share our experience and knowledge to support you in meeting your goals.

Our consultants are experienced healthcare professionals who have worked in hospitals that offer integrative care programs. They have hands on experience providing Healing Touch to patients and employees, and in setting up successful, enduring integrative care programs.

Our team of professionals is here to support you in meeting your goals related to integrative care. Our forte is with Healing Touch, but our services accommodate other integrative care offerings.

Our integrative care consultation services include:
  • Investigating and evaluating offerings
  • Determining departments to include
  • Setting up program policies and procedures
  • Using templates for consistent implementation
  • Data collection for reporting and evaluation
  • Staff training plans
  • Scheduling and providing Healing Touch classes
  • Marketing to patients and their family members
  • Caring for employee health and wellness
  • Program evaluation tools
  • Sourcing Healing Touch Certified Practitioners for your facility

Choose from the above services to meet your needs.

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