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About ICP

The Healing Touch Integrative Care Program (ICP) is dedicated to increasing the well-being of patients and staff in healthcare facilities.

We value you and the patients you care for. Just as you establish a healing relationship with your patients, we establish and nurture an enduring relationship with you. When care is integrated for the overall well-being of the patient’s body, mind and spirit, their healing is enhanced.

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Our vision is to advance healthcare by helping facilities provide Healing Touch to patients and staff. We advocate Healing Touch research and documenting results to demonstrate effectiveness.


We provide education in Healing Touch, one of the most recognized integrative care therapies. Healing Touch is backed by evidence-based research, taught by certified instructors and endorsed by some of the leading organizations in holistic care.


We partner with you to understand your needs and develop a Healing Touch program that meets your specific needs for patients and staff. We partner with you during development and implementation, assist you in communicating the results and provide ongoing support for continued success.


Professional standards are at the core of the ICP and the Healing Touch training offered. Healing Touch Program is accredited, endorsed, and offers a board certified practitioner credential. A practitioner Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice is strictly adhered to.


Healing Touch Program provides a standardized curriculum, comprehensive student materials and practitioner documentation forms. An accredited credential is offered as the gold standard for practitioners and instructors.


The ICP believes in community. We help you create a strong community by supporting students and disseminating program results to both staff and the general community.

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