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Healing Touch for PTSD in Active Duty Military Personnel

In September 2012 a study published in Military Medicine compared the impact of Healing Touch and Guided Imagery plus treatment as usual in the study group (HT + GI + TAU) to treatment as usual only (TAU) in the control group on PTS symptoms, depression, quality of life and hostility in active duty military personnel. The group of 123 participants were randomly assigned to receive either 6 sessions of HT + GI + TAU over 3 weeks vs. TAU over 3 weeks. Statistical analyses (repeated measures analysis of covariance with intent-to-treat) revealed statistically and clinically significant reduction in PTSD symptoms (p < 0.0005, Cohen’s d = 0.85) as well as depression (p < 0.0005, Cohen’s d = 0.70) for the group receiving HT+GI vs. TAU. This same group also showed significant improvements in mental quality of life (p = 0.002, Cohen’s d = 0.58) and reduced cynicism (p = 0.001, Cohen’s d =0.49) vs. TAU group.

This well conducted study supports the use of Healing Touch in the care of military personnel with PTS. Further study is warranted.

Healing Touch with guided imagery for PTSD in returning active duty military: A randomized controlled trial. Military Medicine, 177 (9), 1015-1021, T Jain, S., McMahon, G.F. , Hasen, P., Kozub, M.P., Porter, V., King, R. & Guarneri, E.M. (2012).

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